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Membership draws every Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

The current Jackpot amount is:


Ticket from Barrel & then Random Number Generator


$2000 upwards to $5,000

Prize pool start



$100 per night if not claimed


Swipe your card between 4pm & 8pm to receive entry ticket, place ticket into barrel and be here at 6.30pm & 8pm when a ticket is drawn. That lucky member shall spin the virtual wheel to reveal their cash prize.

Cash Prizes

Prizes range $100, $200, $400 to the jackpot ($2K-$5K).

Weekly Draws

6.30pm & 8pm.

Must be Won

If Jackpot reaches $5,000 and is not claimed that week the following Tuesday night the $5,000 Must be Won.

Must be Won Mechanics

Swipe your membership card at the kiosk between 4pm- 7pm on the day. The Host will draw one ticket from the barrel every four minutes until the prize is claimed for that draw period.

Ceiling Limit Draws at

6pm = $1,500, 7pm = $1,500 & 8pm = $2,000



Weekly Raffles


Local Schools Raffle - 15 Prizes
On Sale: 5.30PM
Drawn: 6.30PM

1st Tuesday of the Month is the Members Free Raffle!


$2 will get you $20 - 20 Prizes
On Sale: 1.30PM
Drawn 2.00PM


Bel-Swans JSC Raffle - 17 prizes
On Sale: 5.00PM
Drawn 6.30PM


Fishing Club Raffle - 20 Prizes
On Sale: 6.00PM
Drawn: 7.00PM

Golf Club Raffle - 15 prizes
On Sale: 7.00PM
Drawn: 7.40PM


Monster Meat Raffle - 80 Prizes
On Sale: 2.00PM
Drawn: 3.00PM

Marine Rescue Raffle - 8 prizes
On Sale: 2.00PM
Drawn: 3.40PM (approx)


Mega Meat Raffle - 35 Prizes
On Sale: 4.00PM
Drawn: 5.00PM

Fishing Club Raffle - 10 prizes
On Sale: 5.00PM
Drawn: 6.00PM (approx)

Weekly Events