Diner & Grill

A great range of specials

Steaks, Burgers, Arancini, Fish & Salads on offer PLUS everyday specials. The Cafe is open 7 days 12 noon to 8pm.

Trading Hours


Noon - 8.00pm
Noon - 8.00pm
Noon - 8.00pm
Noon - 8.00pm
Noon - 8.00pm
Noon - 8.00pm
Noon - 8.00pm 


Garlic Bread                                   7.00

Garlic & Cheese Bread                    8.00

Garlic, Sweet Chilli
& Cheese Bread                                            8.00

Garlic, Bacon & Cheese Bread                  9.00

Large Garden Salad                        7.00

Beer Battered Chips                       7.00

Wedges                                            9.00

W/ Sweet chilli & sour cream

Salt & Pepper Squid                      13.00

W/ Aioli


Digger Burger                              18.00

Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, beetroot, pickles, aioli, mustard & tomato sauce

Steak Burger                                17.00

Scotch fillet, bacon, cheese, lettuce, beetroot, tomato, onion & BBQ sauce

Schnitzel Burger                          17.00

Panko crumbed schnitzel, bacon, lettuce, cheese, tomato, aioli & sweet chilli sauce

Hamburger                                    15.00

House made beef pattie, lettuce, cheese, tomato, beetroot, onion & BBQ sauce


Fish & Chips                                    7.00

Bangers & Mash                              7.00

Chicken Nuggets & Chips                7.00

Penny Pinchers

Bangers & Mash                                        12.00

Beef sausages served with mash, veg & gravy

Rissoles                                                      12.00

House made rissoles served with mash, veg & gravy

Fish & Chips                                                12.00

Hake served with chips & salad

Prawn Cutlets                                           12.00

Served with chips & salad or veg & mash

Chicken Schnitzel                                     17.00

Panko crumbed schnitzel served with chips & salad or veg & mash


Roast Pork                                                 17.50

Succulent roast pork served with roasted potatoes, veg & Gravy

Seafood Basket                                                  19.00

Tempura battered fish, Prawn Cutlet, Squid Rings, Tempura battered surimi bites, crumbed surimi scallops served with chips and salad

Salt & Pepper Squid                                  21.50

Served with chips, salad & aioli

Chicken Parmigiana                                  23.00

Panko crumbed schnitzel topped with napolitana sauce, ham & mozzarella served with chips & salad or veg & mash

300g Scotch Fillet                                    27.00

Served with chips & salad or veg & mash with your choice of sauce (gf)

Smokey BBQ Pork Ribs                              25.00

Served with seasoned wedges, sweet chilli & Sour cream


Hawaiian                                                     14.00

Ham, Pineapple & Mozzarella on a tomato base

Cheese                                                          12.00

Mozzarella on a tomato base

BBQ meat                                                      15.00

Chicken, pepperoni, ham, bacon & mozzarella on a bbq base

Satay Chicken                                             15.00

Chicken, cherry tomatoes, onion, rocket, fetta & mozzarella on a satay base

Vegetarian                                                  14.00

Pumpkin, baby spinach, basil, pesto, pine nuts, fetta & mozzarella on a tomato base